Engineering Course at Department of Technical Education and Training (DTET) Sri Lanka

The DTET of the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education is the government body that provides Sri Lankan youth with technological and technical education. Under the DTET, there are 9 Colleges of Technology and 29 Technical Colleges. These Colleges conduct approximately 86 vocational training programmes among which Engineering courses are predominant. The minimum entry qualification of these programmes is 6 GCE (O/L) passes. The following National Certificate programmes are only a small fraction of Engineering courses, offered by the DTET.

1. National Certificate for Industrial Technicians(Civil Engineering) (Full Time)
2. National Certificate for industrial Technicians(Electrical & Electronic Engineering) (Full Time)
3. National Certificate in Technology - Mechanical Engineering (Part Time)
4. National Certificate in Technology - Civil Engineering (Part Time)
5. National Certificate in Technology - Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Part Time)
6. National Certificate in Engineering Craft Practice - Building Construction Technology(Full Time)
7. National Certificate in Engineering Craft Practice - Building Craftsman(Full Time)
8. National Certificate in Engineering Craft Practice - Industrial Electrician (Full Time)
9. National Certificate in Engineering Craft Practice- Electronic (Full Time)
10. Advanced Diploma in Mechatronics Technology (Full Time)
11. Advanced Diploma in Construction Technology (Full Time)

In fact, these Training Programmes basically have seven levels. Completion of level 1 to 4 means the completion of National Certificate. After completing level 5 and 6, students gain a National Diploma. In fact the level 7 is equivalent to a Bachelors degree. 

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