How to Become Qualified Engineer After Fail A/L in Sri Lanka

The following higher education opportunities can be found in the field of Engineering for students who do not possess the GCE (A/L) qualification.

1. Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL)

At the OUSL, students who possess the GCE (O/L) qualification including a Credit for Mathematics can follow the Foundation Programme in Engineering Technology (FPET). On completion of the FPET, students can read for a one of the following Diplomas in Technology (DT), conducted by the OUSL.

1. DT in Civil Engineering
2. DT in Electrical Engineering
3. DT in Electronic & Communication Engineering
4. DT in Mechatronics Engineering
5. DT in Mechanical Engineering
6. DT in Textile Engineering

After a DT, students are eligible to study for a Bachelor of Technology (BT), offered by the OUSL.

1. BT in Civil Engineering
2. BT in Electrical Engineering
3. BT in Electronic & Communication Engineering
4. BT in Mechatronics Engineering
5. BT in Mechanical Engineering
6. BT in Textile Engineering

On completion of a BT, students can enter a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Engineering.

1. PGD in Industrial Engineering
2. PGD in Construction Management

Once students obtain a PGD, they can read for a Master of Technology (MT).

1. MT in Industrial Engineering
2. MT in Construction Management


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