Languages Course After O/L ( A/L Not Required)

The field of Language is a good area of knowledge that students can study regardless of their A/L qualifications. The following education opportunities can be found in this field for students who do not possess A/Ls.

1. Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL)

English & English Language Teaching.

In addition to the English Courses, students who do not possess A/L qualifications can enrol for the following Language Courses.

1. Beginner’s Course in Korean
2. Beginner’s Course in Tamil
3. Sinhala for Beginners

2. Alliance Fran├žaise de Colombo (AFC)

Irrespective of students’ A/L results, they can study for a French Language Course at Alliance Fran├žaise de Colombo which offers courses ranging from beginners level to higher diploma level. Once you get a Higher Diploma in French, you can apply for a BA in French from a university in France.

3. Russian Cultural Centre (RCC)

4. Goethe - Institut Sri Lanka (GISL)

5. British Council Sri Lanka (BCSL)

The British Council, which is “the UK's leading international organization for educational and cultural relations”, offers many courses in English Language and Literature. After the completion of an advanced level English course, students may be eligible to read for a BA in English Language and Literature in a university in the UK.

6. Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS)

The BCIS offers language courses ranging from beginners’ level to intermediate level. For these courses, the GCE (A/L) qualification is not a prerequisite. With regard to the following languages, the BCIS conducts several courses.

1. Russian 2. German 3. Spanish 4. French 5. Italian 6. Arabic 7. Chinese
8. Hindi 9. Tamil 10. Sinhala 11. English

7. Graduate Institute of Science & Management (GISM)

1. Arabic 2. English 3. French 4. German 5. Hindi 6. Japanese
7. Korean 8. Mandarin 9. Pali 10. Sanskrit 11. Sinhala 12. Tamil

8. American College of Higher Education (ACHE)

The ACHE, in addition to the English Courses, offers a Certificate Course in French consists of two levels. The GCE (A/L) is not an entry requirement for these courses.

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