Sucess in Natural Sciences after fail in A/L

In the field of Natural Sciences, students who do not possess the GCE (A/L) qualification can find the following higher education opportunities.

1. Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL)

Even without the O/L qualification, students can follow the Foundation Programme in Natural Science, if they are over 18 years of age. After the completion of this programme, students are eligible to read for a BSc programme in Science.

1. BSc in Biology / Physics
2. Bsc in Nursing
3. BSc (Joint Major) Degree Programme
4. Bachelor of Education in Natural Science

In addition to BSc programmes, students who do not have A/L qualifications can read for the following Science Courses after completing the Foundation Programme at the OUSL.

1. Diploma in Science
2. Diploma in Microbiology
3. Advanced Certificate in Laboratory Technology
4. Certificate in Wildlife Conservation & Management
5. Certificate in Laboratory Technology
6. Certificate in Environmental Sciences
7. Certificate in Computer Networks and Security
8. Continuing Medical Education Courses
9. Stand Alone Courses in Science

2. American National College/ANC Education/ANC University College

One of the best available options for students who do not have A/L qualifications to become a Medical Doctor is to enter the BS in Psychology with Pre-Medicine offered by the University of Missouri. In fact, “upon completion of the Pre-Medicine program, students can get guaranteed admission at the University of Missouri-Columbia's School of Medicine. Also students can apply to other Medical schools in Missouri.”

3. Institute of Chemistry Ceylon / College of Chemical Sciences (CCS)

Students who have 6 passes at the GCE (O/L) including Credits for Science, Mathematics, and English can enrol for the Diploma in Laboratory Technology in Chemistry (DLTC). On completion of the DLTC, students are eligible to study for the Graduateship Programme in Chemistry. In fact this is a good opportunity for students who do not have A/L qualifications to obtain a degree in Chemistry.

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