"Smart Selling in Tough Market" Sri Lanak marketting Programme


In tough market conditions smart selling is required to achieve targets. Traditional selling methods will not necessarily provide results. This programme will equip participants with the tools required to sell effectively, efficiently and consistently.


• Psychology of Selling — The mindset, attitudes and beliefs
• Spin Selling Techniques — Spin formula, spin ideology
• Value-based-selling (VBS) — Selling value, not price
• Consultative selling, suggestive selling, relationship selling. cross selling
• Adapting to different market conditions
• Objection handling and advanced negotiation skills — breaking and locks I deadlocks
• Blue Ocean Selling — Breakthrough Selling in untapped markets
• Beating sales burnout — Loss of drive, passion and focus
• E mail selling, selling techniques — Do’s and Don’ts
• Selling with a Laptop — Do’s and Don’ts
• WOW networking skills — How to connect quickly and effortlessly
• Out-of-the-box sales closing methods (Closing techniques)
• The AHA formula In selling

combination of tools will be used. Case Studies. Role Playing (Mock Selling) Group Discuss4ons, Presentation, individual Exercises, Video Based Learning

Area Managers, Regional Managers, National Sales Managers, Sales Executives and Sales Officers across different industries and markets (B2C, B2B).

Resource Person

Prasanna is referred ton a Marketing Gun? of Sri Lanka and Is presently a leading Marketing Consultant to several organizations. a much sought after trainer and the best marketing lecturer In Sn Lanka, He has over 16 years of experience as a trainer and over 8,000 individuals have been trained by him. He is present the Marketing Consultant for over 30 organizations. In his professional working tatter spanning over 20 years, He his held several senior management positions at Multinationals such as Tetra Pak and Singer and was the Marketing Director of Keells Food.

Key Note Speaker

Group Director Marketing & Sales - Derana

 21st November 2013 form 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM at Taj Samudra Hotel

For more information contact Hansi: 0727296926 or click bellow image.


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