M.Sc. In GIS & Remorte Sensing offerd by University of Sri Jayewardenepura

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The M.Sc. programme in GIS and Remote Sensing offered through the Department of Geography by the Faculty of Graduate Studies of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, seeks to provide a sound theoretical and practical knowledge in the latest Geographic lnfo4rnation technologies.
The goal of this M.Sc. Degree Programme is to produce highly qualified, motivated graduates who have been trained In Geographical Information Systems Remote Sensing, Global Positing Systems and all the 

related state of the art technologies. In this highly interdisciplinary Masters course, the students will be exposed to the cutting edge of understanding from a range of subject areas, taught by well experienced, highly qualified, versatile and diverse academic staff. The course particularly focuses on conveying new approaches to data processing, analysis and interpretation as well as the use of innovative technologies.
This is a weekend course, taught over 02 years, and running into four semesters. 

During the first three semesters, students will establish a breadth of necessary skills in a number of core modules worth a total of 42 credits. In the last semester, the learning will be applied in the individual dissertation worth an additional 18 credits. 

After completing the Masters Degree the students will be able to explain the principles, theories, tools and techniques of Geographic Information technologies. They also will be skilled in analyzing, planning, modeling and creatively & strategically solving Multifaceted geospatial problems encountered in different fields through applicaton of specialized knowledge of geographic information technologies.


GIS 1110 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS 1120 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
GIS 1130 GPS and Equivalent Technologies
GIS 1 140 Introduction to Database Management Systems
GIS 1150 Cartography for GIS
GIS 1 160 Digital Photogrammetric


GIS 1210 Advanced Technologies in GIS
GIS 1220 Digital Image Processing and Advanced Remote Sensing
GIS 1230 Advanced Database Management Systems
GIS 1240 Applications of GPS and Equivalent Technologies
GIS 1250 Fundamentals of Web GIS and Mobile GIS GIS 1260 Ceo statistics


615 2110 Spatial Analysis & Modeling
615 2120 Applications of 615 and Remote Sensing
615 2130 Applications of Web GIS and Mobile GIS
615 2140 Programming in 615
615 2150 Advanced Mapping Technologies
GIS 2160 Research Methodology and Scientific Reporting
615 21 70 Seminar on Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing


GIS 2290 Research Project on RS and/or GIS Applications (Independent Research Thesis)


Two Academic years (04 Semesters)
Lectures and Practicals are conducted during weekends
Sri Lanka Rs.155,000
SAARC Countries US $ 3,800
Other Countries US $ 6,900


A Degree or equivalent qualifications from a
recognized University OR
Professional or any other qualifications recognized by the university AND
A good command in both Spoken and Written English
Special Enrollment: Officers in the Rank of Captain and above in the SL Army or the Equivalent Ranks in the SL Navy and SL Air Force, and the Officers in the Rank of Inspector and above in the SL Police, holding on the job professional training or qualifications relevant to the above ranks WITH
7 years of experience after commissioning into the
Captain in the SL Army or the Equivalent Ranks in the
SL Navy, SL Air Force, and Inspector in the SL Police,
A good command in both Spoken and Written English

For Inquires

Rev. Dr. Pinnawala Sangasumana, (Head of the Department - Coordinator)
Department of Geography,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura,
RO. Box 6. Gangodawila, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +9411 2802028
Email: usjgeogIsgmail.com
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University of Sri Jayewardenepura

M.Sc. In GIS & Remorte Sensing


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