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UK Law Degree Sri Lanka
CFPF is one of the private education institute which offers LL.B Degrees form University of London which is also recognized by Sri Lankan Law College. There are several Scholarships for LLB Degrees and they are give full and half scholarships for mentioned degree.  LLB Degrees is another way to become member of Bar of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Law College is the only institute which recognized intuitive to give such title called "attorney at law".

Full time LL.B

Entry requirements (Diploma Route)
  1. G.C.E. O/L with 4 ‘C’ passes including English
  2. London O/L with 4 passes
Course duration: 3 years

Part time LL.B

Entry requirements (General Entry Route)
  1. G.C.E. A/L with 2 ‘C’ passes and a ‘C’ pass for English at G.C.E. O/L
  2. London A/L with two ‘E’ passes
  3. Other educational qualifications may be considered by the University of London on case by case basis
Course duration: 3 years

Graduate Entry Route 
Degree holders on any subject from a University that is recognized by the University of London will be granted to enter for the Graduate entry route. (The University of London may at its discretion permit a candidate to register for the LL.B although such candidate may not fulfill the above entry requirements)

Course duration: 2 years
(Source :cfps website)

CFPS offers Full time, Part Time and Graduate entry to complete their LLB Degree.For More information of this institute contact

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Colombo 07, Sri Lanka..
Mobile :+94 77 224 4239, / +94 77 766 8996
Telephone:+94 112 421665
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