Attorneys at Law Course offers by Sri Lanka Law College

 Sri Lanka Law College
The Attorneys -at - Law course consists of 3 years of Academic Lectures for those who gain admission at Law entrance examination.

Students who pass the final examination are also required to follow a practical training course conducted by the Law College.  Students who pass the final exam are required to undergo an apprenticeship of six months under a lawyer of at least 8 years standing.

Exemptions for Attorneys at  Law

University of Colombo,  Open University of Sri Lanka, and University of Jaffna, is exempted from the following:

  • The subjects for the Preliminary and the intermediate Examinations provided the student has passed in those subjects at the LLB examination.

  • Attendance at lectures.

  • These students are required only to take the final examination at the Law College and attend the practical training Course and serve the period of apprenticeship.

  • The Barristers of Scotland, England and Wales are also eligible for exemptions.

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