Information Technology Courses offers at ESOFT

ESOFT Computer Studies (Pvt) Ltd offers various IT based Beginners, Undergraduate , Top-up and Masters programme under one roof.ESOFT Computer Studies (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading private educational institute highly specified in Computer and In formations technology study. Following are several course which offers by them. 

 Beginners Programmes

• Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)
• Diploma in Information Technology(DITEC)
• Diploma in software Engineering (DISE)
• Diploma in web Engineering
• Higher Diploma in Information Technology (HDIT)

Undergraduate Programmes

• Edexcel Higher National Diploma (HND)
• Bachelor of Information Technology(BIT) - UCSC
• Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) External - University of Moratuwa
• British Computer Society (BCS) higher educational Qualification

Undergraduate Top-up Programmes

B.Sc (Hons) in computing - Buckinghamshire New University, UK

Postgraduate Programmes

MBA in Information Technology - BuckinghamShire New University, UK

Professional Programmes

• Microsoft Certification Courses
• Oracle / Sun Certification Courses
• CISCO Certification (CCNA) programme
• International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

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Colombo 04
Tel : 011 2 553 883 / 011 2 553 884
Fax : 011 2 500934
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