Diploma of Business Conducted at ACBT Campus

Diploma in business progrgramme which conducted at ACBT private education institute in Sri Lanka directly leads to the Bachelor of Business degree. This Diploma of Business programmes is recongnised by internationally and for those who completed this Diploma can enter in to so many Austrailan universitis and can directly enter in to Navitas Universities for the 2nd year.

For further Detail contact following

Colombo Campus
442 Galle Road
Colombo 03
Sri Lanka
Telephone: +(94) 112565511
Facsimile: +(94) 112565594
Email: info@acbt.lk

Kandy Campus:
3A, Mahamaya Mawatha
Sri Lanka
Telephone: (94) 812205800
Email: info@acbt.lk

Web : www.acbt.net


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