Certificate in Bank and Finance Programmes Conducted @ Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka

Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka is one of the leading private education industry and professional body for those who actively involved in bank and finance sector. This is another private education institute which was a Technical and Vocational Training Institutes registered with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission under The Tertiary and Vocational Education Act, No. 20 of 1990.  Following are some of the programmes conducted by Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka to improve the quality of the professionals.

•    Certificate in Islamic Banking
•    Certificate in Business Finance and Bank Management
•    Certificate in Credit Management
•    Advance Certificate in Credit Management
•    Certificate in Micro Finance
•    Certificate in Portfolio of Investment Management
•    Certificate in Treasury and Risk Management
•    Certificate in Bank Integrated Risk Management
•    Certificate in International Trade
•    Certificate in Small and Medium Enterprises
•    Certificate in Financial Service Management

For further details regarding above course which conducted under Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka
.,  you may contact the following address.

Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka
No. 5 ,
Mile Post AV ,
Colombo 03 

Telephone : +94 11 2 573625, +94 11 2 574702Email :info@ibsl.lk
Web: http://ibsl.lk


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