SLAS Exam Guide on Dinamina: Lesson 29

Sri Lanka Administration Service (SLAS) is one of highly recognized service in Sri Lanka and this service is the most important service of Sri Lanka government. Those who has obtained degree in recognized university can enter in to this service (Class III officers) by open competitive exam.SLAS (Sri Lanka Administrative Service) Open Competitive Exam tutorials Which were published on this Dinamina Sri Lankan news paper by several years and there are thousands of students got enter in to Sri Lanka Administrative service open competitive exam by referring these tutorials and lessons. The tutorials were higly valuable for those who are study enter in to Sri Lanka Admnistrative Service. The complete tutorial sets cover the whole four syllabuses of SLAS exam paper and following are the syllabuses covered for mentioned exam.

•    Samanya Buddhiya

•    Samanya Danima

•    Rachanay ha Saransha

•    Kalamanakaran Abiyougathawa

The image shows the Lesson number 29 of SLAS open competitive exam guide under Rachana ha Saranshaya section which published on Dinamina newspaper.

SLAS Rachana ha Saranshaya Paper

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